Say WHAT!?!?
And just in time for Easter weekend…..

But it’s really true that you can eat what you want and still have the body you desire!

Here’s the catch though…

You can eat whatever you want BUT NOT whenever you want and however much you want.

Yes, I’m talking about the concept of moderation.

And sometimes moderation with family and holidays can be challenging…

It’s not exciting or sexy, but it works…far more than any pills and powders you can swallow.

I think successful moderation comes down to a few things:

  • Limiting your portions – 1-2 pieces of chocolate is fine. The entire Easter Bunny isn’t!
  • Making sure it’s worth it – if you’re going to eat less than optimal foods, just make sure it’s out of joy and fulfillment because that food is so amazing – not out of boredom, obligation, speed, etc.
  • Keep your 80/20 rule in check – stay on track 80% of the time and indulge 20% of the time.
  • Indulge without guilt – enjoy it in the moment and don’t finish it thinking “I’m going to have to exercise this off”…(because you can’t anyway!)

One other thing that will help make eating whatever you want while practicing moderation extra awesome is if you’ve ignited your metabolism through strength training.

Really, the more muscle you have, the more dietary flexibility you have because your body just burns more calories.

So while you’re with family this weekend for Easter – get out and play with the kids, go for a walk or a hike.

Move with intent instead of sitting around the food all the time.