Thanks so much to Karla and the rest of the staff at Your Body Your Weigh. You have been instrumental in helping me get back to moving and being strong and getting control over my eating habits.


In September 2016 I was the victim of a head on collision that nearly claimed my life. In addition to many internal injuries, my right ankle had a compound fracture and my heel was crushed. My left elbow also had a compound fracture and my pelvis was broken. I was not allowed to weight bear for 3 months, which meant I was confined to a hospital bed the entire time. After I was released, I started recovering with home care and then spent several hundred hours at physio in the months that followed. Gradually I regained some strength and balance and started using a recumbent bike for cardio. I knew I wanted to get back in shape the way I was before the accident, so I started doing some low impact workouts and then joined Your Body Your Weigh at the suggestion of a friend.


Karla did the initial assessment and assured me that all exercises could be modified to suit my limitations and pain levels as I continued to recover. There were so many times I felt frustrated because I couldn’t do what I used to be able to do. Over time, my limitations became less noticeable as I became stronger and my joints became more flexible. I am proud of my accomplishments and how far I have come since my first day at YBYW.


However, my physical health is only one part of my journey to health. I have struggled with my weight for much of my adult life because of my poor relationship with food. Most of the time I have been fairly fit because I actually love to exercise, however, my eating habits have been atrocious, to the point where I would say it is an addiction. I’ve dieted many times and failed, never being able to sustain my efforts. My initial determination would fade and I would go back to eating lots of sweets, chips and fatty foods.


I decided to join the 21 day challenge that Karla put out in January. I committed to it wholeheartedly and experienced great success, but I wondered if I could continue to eat that way for the long term. I really thought about my “why” and realized that I want to be healthy and active in my old age so that I can travel and go on adventures during my retirement years. To do that, I know that I need to set healthy habits now and get my binge eating under control. The main difference between this time and all of the others is that I’m focusing on habits that I will be able to sustain for the rest of my life. I am searching the web for healthy meals that I like to eat, I am prepping vegetables and meals on the weekends for the week, and I am allowing myself foods that I love, but infrequently and in moderation.


I still struggle with perfectionism and an all or nothing attitude, but I’m getting better at forgiving myself when I slip up and telling myself to just “make the next right decision”.


Thank you to Your Body Your Weigh for always believing in me and for telling me that “I’m possible”.