Success Stories

“After the birth of my daughter I wanted to make sure I was always there for her. I dedicated a year of training to be ready for the Banff Jasper Relay run so I didn’t let her down. Then I did Tough Mudder.”

“In a single year I went from being a fat out of shape 295lb man to 240lb man who ran a collective 100kms worth of runs and obstacle course races. I thank Karla for the motivation and inspiration to make my life different.”

The key is not giving up and anytime I needed a push in the right direction or an encouraging word I called upon her and she helped out. Thank you Karla you are a true testament to motivation and inspiration.”


“I didn’t feel intimidated coming in. I felt like this was a place of real people. It has transformed every part of my life.”

Trevor & Felice

“I was 256lbs at 33 yrs old. 2 yrs later I have now lost 83 lbs!”


“Karla started my physical fitness plan by getting me to join a running group at the young age of 58, I am 63 and still running!”

When this running group disbanded because the organizers were moving away Karla took it over and encouraged more people to join.  She is very motivational and before you know it I ran two 10km races, a half marathon, and I ran in the Banff/Jasper Relay twice.  She made me realize it was important to be healthy, fit and active.  I still have Karla send me workouts to help me achieve my goals.”


“I have listened to Karla’s approach to life – always positive, always passionate, always full of energy.  She is a true leader.”

Karla and I have become friends through our passion for running. Our early morning runs have provided us a time to share many stories of both triumph and the difficulties in our lives.


“I would highly recommend using the services of Karla Loeppky for nutritional and physical training.

Karla assisted me with nutrition and challenged me to push myself and it has become a long term benefit. As well, Karla is highly motivational and organized the Banff to Jasper relay which I attended in 2013. It was a blast – thanks Karla! She is full of positive energy and if you need a reference on her, CALL ME!”


“I truly enjoy coming each time for my scheduled workout! I enjoy the ladies I workout with and I enjoy my trainers.”


“Positive atmosphere, and if workout can be enjoyable this is the place. I’ve gained back one belt notch and last night comfortably wore slacks that i have not fit into for 2 years.”


“Karla has a fantastic positive outlook on life which is infectious.”

This combined with her experience, studies and achievements in a multitude of athletic disciplines make Karla an excellent trainer to work with.”


“There is so much to like about this place but to name a few, support realistic goals, knowledge and love fro what they do!”

“YBYW puts you fist they don t have a one size fits all format. They listen to your goals and puts a plan in place to get you there. The staff are super upbeat always happy and it has been a pivotal influence on my journey to become a better person, inside and out. Karla keeps me on course great improvement to my strength and endurance.”


“Positive attitude, best decision you’ll ever make!”


“It’s totally different that what I would normally do… Even when normal wasn’t sitting on the couch. These trainers know, as they were once there too. “