Anytime someone says to me “It’s so hard to eat healthy!” I get it.

There’s temptation everywhere!

We are busy and want convenience!

Other people might not have the same goals as you if those goals are around improving health or weight loss.

And I gotta tell you the truth…

Choosing to eat healthy is NOT hard.

You kinda already know what to do.

You know salad is a better option than potato chips.

You know when you’re out that the grilled chicken is a better choice than the fried chicken.

So then, why do we think it’s so hard.

I think there are 2 reasons:

  1. We crave fatty, salty, and sweet – those are just things that our pallets like.
  2. That “it’s hard” is a story we have tell ourselves and our thoughts create our feelings.

Just like what Henry Ford said… Whether you tell yourself you can or you can’t YOU’RE RIGHT.

So – start telling yourself a new story!

Create new Thoughts! Create new Feelings! —– CREATES NEW RESULTS