No more sluggish mornings or mid day crashes!

Show us how you eat day to day, and we will help guide you along the process to better eating! At Your Body Your Weigh Personal Training we provide all our training clients with an assessment that helps determine your risk for disease and deficiencies. We’d like to offer this service to you as well. The assessment is free and only takes 15 to 20 minutes. It’s really important!

YBYW Nutritional Guidance includes:

  • Showing you quick wins and small adjustments that can be made for big gains.
  • Providing educational materials of where and how to get what is required to fuel you for your days.

Your Body Your Weigh has also done it’s research and education around nutritional supplementation and after a long search we have partnered with the best in the world, Shaklee.

Shaklee provides guaranteed nutritional support just like Your Body Your Weigh Personal Training; therefore with a combination of fitness and nutritional guarantee all that’s left is you!