Meet Karla , YBYW Founder

Hi! I’m Karla Loeppky! I founded Your Body Your Weigh in 2010. I have had a passion for fitness since I was a young girl, first with dance and then with figure skating, which I continued in at a competitive level until I was 19 years old. However, the smell of the arena always pulled me back and I began as a skating coach, teaching ‘Learn to Skate’ for all ages.

In 2005 while living in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, I discovered the Learn to Run Program and quickly embraced all this lifestyle had to offer her – freedom of the open road, fitness for my mind and body, and motivation to do something for myself. With the assistance of cross training in the gym with weights, I found my strength and endurance increasing, encouraging me to train even more!

I learned to focus my mind on the great pleasure that training can bring & soon I found my balance and the weight began to come off.

During moments of motivating, supporting and training with those around me, I lost over 50lbs and decided to take my personal training certificate in 2009. Since then I have completed other certifications and training and continue to grow my knowledge and passion to bring into every session with you.


“My name is Camille Taliani & I have been in the fitness industry for over 6 years and love everything about the amazingness the human body is.”

I am also a wife and a busy mom. I strive to live a healthy balanced life each day and help others do the same. I know committing to a healthy lifestyle can be hard. I’ve been there too. It can seem impossible to make time for yourself.  My goal is to show you exercise can be fun and completed anywhere. My aim is to help you identify your fitness goals, design an exercise program that fits your needs, and guide you through every exercise, every workout. I believe that exercise is just one of the components to a healthy life. My approach to fitness and health is so much more then just exercising. I believe a balanced life is a healthy life. Which is why I also stress the importance of healthy eating, getting good quality sleep, maintaining low stress and making time for things we simply enjoy in life. I know your time is valuable. I believe if you work hard and stay consistent you can reach your fitness goals with any type of schedule. I am so excited to meet everyone and become a part of your fitness journey.

“My name is Candace I am a fitness enthusiast and also a proud mother of two.”

I truly believe in living an active healthy lifestyle, I know it can be hard, but for me I want to be that role model in my children’s life and raise them as strong healthy individuals. Since high school fitness has been apart of my life, I always have a workout routine on the go and love the way exercise makes my body feel. Dance has always been a passion of mine, dance was how I stepped in the fitness industry. I am so excited to take the next step and to be joining Your Body Your Weigh as a trainer. I have a passion for helping others, I want to be there for you, encourage you and help you reach your goals whatever they may be. I am excited to meet you and be apart of your fitness journey, having a positive mind will help you have a positive life.

“My name is Trinity Rosborough, and I am the new receptionist at YBYW fitness.”

I am finishing high school and am enrolled in Police studies student at MacEwan University. I have been into fitness all my life, though I wasn’t as serious until my grade 12 year. I would get up to go to the gym everyday at 5am, people think I am crazy but I use my time at the gym as therapy, it helps be start my day with a clear mind. I do fitness because I want to push myself farther than I think I can. I aspire to become a police officer and possibly a personal trainer, I am thankful that I work at YBYW because I feel as though I have learned so much already from all of the great staff here! I have been in sports like horseback riding, cheerleading, and track and field.  Even though I try to eat healthy, I too struggle with eating healthy and ensuring I am feeding my body properly.  I love pizza, what can I say. Never the less, I try to eat decently. I am excited to see what working at YBYW brings!

“Hi there my name is Olivia and I believe in making fitness fun, while challenging!”

I am a graduate of the N.A.I.T Personal Fitness training program and I’ve also acquired my CSEP Certification for personal training, as well as my NASM Corrective Exercise Certification and my AFLCA Group Training certification! I have always lived an active lifestyle and grew up doing gymnastics, hula hooping, tae kwon do and long distance running; I also have 2 years of gymnastics coaching experience.
When I was 15, my healthy lifestyle had to get put on hold when my health grew poor. I had to get all sorts or medical testing done over the span of four years. When no test led doctors to answers, they gave up on me. This meant I couldn’t give up on myself, and I kept looking for answers! Once I was finally able to find a naturopath to help me I was able to cure my chemical toxicity through clean eating, and exercise! This experience inspired me to be the personal trainer I am today!
I want to help others realize their full potential and guide them in the right direction to achieve their goals!  No matter what your fitness goals are, I will help you crush your goal! I look forward to working with you!