1. What success have you experienced since you’ve been with YBYW Fitness?

“My right arm is finally useful, my balance is better, and I have increased by strength and energy.”

2. How would you describe us if you could use one word?


3.  What are you most proud of during your training at YBYW Fitness?

“I didn’t give up. I feel stronger. It really did not take a long time to make a difference. “

4. In your own words what is YBYW Fitness to you?

“YBYW is an excellent resource to help me continue to participate in my chosen activities. It is a friendly, supportive place to feel good about myself, physically. ”

Special thanks to Laura H! Prior to her first time coming to YBYW, she could not raise her arm past a 45 degree angle. It’s amazing what fitness can do for the body!!