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Hi! I’m Karla Loeppky! I founded Your Body Your Weigh in 2010. I have had a passion for fitness since I was a young girl, first with dance and then with figure skating, which I continued in at a competitive level until I was 19 years old. However, the smell of the arena always pulled me back and I began as a skating coach, teaching ‘Learn to Skate’ for all ages.

In 2005 while living in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, I discovered the Learn to Run Program and quickly embraced all this lifestyle had to offer her – freedom of the open road, fitness for my mind and body, and motivation to do something for myself. With the assistance of cross training in the gym with weights, I found my strength and endurance increasing, encouraging me to train even more!

I learned to focus my mind on the great pleasure that training can bring & soon I found my balance and the weight began to come off.

During moments of motivating, supporting and training with those around me, I lost over 50lbs and decided to take my personal training certificate in 2009. Since then I have completed other certifications and training and continue to grow my knowledge and passion to bring into every session with you.



By using my multidimensional approach: exercise, nutrition via online or in-person coaching programs.

Real life Experience

I have overcome health obstacles in my life which have uniquely prepared me to coach with understanding and compassion. I truly care about my clients and I want you to succeed. I provide coaching, accountability, and tangible results and am dedicated to your success. I want to get to know you!

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